My Background

I graduated from London’s Inchbald School of Design in 2004 with a Postgraduate Diploma in Architectural Interior Design. This was a wonderful education, focusing not only on how to put together fantastic colour schemes, but more importantly, how to consider ‘the space’ and to make a design that works fully in every sense and not just aesethetically!

After an initial period employed with a residential interiors company in South Kensington, I then worked for the next 9 years in the luxury hotel design area. This also included a luxury yacht, royal palaces and spa’s, but was primarily 5 star hotels around the world including The Fairmont Clock Tower, in Mecca, The Mandarin Oriental in Prague, Jumeriah Beach in Dubai and my favourite project in hotels, The St Pancras Marriott Renaissance Hotel in London, where we nurtured this beautiful building back to life!!

I gained my experience working within several of the top interiors studios in London, such as KCA International, Richmond International and The GA Group, which meant I was lucky enough to work on their highly prestigious international hotel and residential projects. These ranged from 5 star hotels, some with up to 900+ bedrooms and suites, including spa areas, huge conferencing spaces and public areas, restaurants and everything that includes, through to more boutique and intimate style hotels, and homes.

In these roles I travelled the world from Hong Kong to Dubai, and even Blackpool to make presentations to clients and visit factories or companies producing the furniture and other items specified or custom designed by myself and the team working on these amazing projects. I was able to create unique patterns & designs for rugs and carpets, lamps and chairs, that were then made into reality by manufacturers in quantities from 1 to 900! Suppliers were even able to produce custom coloured fabrics to work in our projects, if we had fallen in love with a particular design and it needed tweaking, as the meterage was there to make it worth their while. So I also have an understanding of customising and fabrication, and what is involved or who to go to when I need these things! Additionally I maintained links with many of my contacts in the industry that could provide artisan and contemporary items sometimes just not available to the High Street

Previously to my design career, I had enjoyed 10 years long haul travel working as British Airways Cabin Crew, however I realised that my passion for interiors required me to make a change of direction; I think the experience of staying in hotels around the world inspired my love for interior design, and I was able to gain a rounded education of world interior styles.

Novo Interiors was created in 2015, after a move back to my home roots. I hoped I could bring a professional and approachable interior design service to my local area, and even further afield, with technology as it is today there are no geographical boundaries anymore!

Initially I was joined at Novo Interiors by a fellow professional designer, Deborah, and we had a few fantastic years together creating some wonderful interiors for many clients. However, since January 2020 I am now solely at the helm, and
looking forward to new ways of working and client collaboration.

Working on the St Pancras Marriott Renaissance, was a dream project - Chambers Suite Image photo by Manhattan Loft Corporation