E-Design Has It’s Place

So many elements come into play when approaching an interior design project….

This ‘new’ way of working, where everything is done through a screen, has actually been with us a while, in terms of interior design. Companies started to pop up about 3 years ago offering this option and, without anyone foreseeing the future, has proved that homes and spaces can be successfully designed by a 2 way exchange of information.

I design by a series of steps, firstly, getting the brief from my client, a full, open and honest appraisal from them, of how they want this room to be, so I provide a simple but detailed questionnaire, and just ask you to do a sketch plan of the room, again with full guidance from me, and finally send me pictures of every wall, and every notable feature or item that will be taken into consideration in this scheme!

Then you sit back and wait for the magic to happen……

I guess it is a bit like me giving all my paperwork and receipts to an accountant and they come back with a beautiful set of numbers and a final figure……. we are all set up to work and excel at different things, and I love what I do and have no desire to go the figures route!! So let’s see what happens next!

I will return in a short period of time, with 2-3 options for the spatial layout, including how it looks in 3D, and you choose one to develop further! This is not to say in a few months/years that you’ll not decide to have a move around, this keeps things fresh anyway and unless built ins prevent this, is usually an option!!

I willl then start adding in the other elements, such as flooring, the window treatments, the furniture of course, and at the same time I’ll be developing a gorgeous colour scheme, all based on your fantastic first brief! Fabrics, wallpapers, accessories, lighting, it is all there.

Just to make sure we are on the right track, I’ll share my initial colour way thoughts at this stage to ensure you are happy, and from here on in will start to put mood boards, with furniture, lighting and so on together.

Finally the big reveal where I send you a full digital package of your design, fully specified and with a shopping list to dash through at your leisure. All from the comfort of your laptop!

I have had the pleasure of designing everything from a private yacht to Penthouse Suites, Dubai palaces and luxury spa’s, in my working life, so getting a well thought out and considered design, is really accessible, and the geography of our locations will not impact on the process one bit!


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