Why Use An Interior Designer

My Father was a total dream for professionals and trades people, in that he firmly believed that you let the right people do the job for you and they’ll do it properly, first time around and in the long run save you a lot of time, effort and sometimes money!! I think it also had a lot to do with the fact that he preferred his ‘time off’ to be just that, and I can’t blame him.

Hiring someone with the right tools for the job, both metaphorically and physically speaking, is half the battle! It is the same with Interior Design projects – there are many elements to creating a successful outcome, with the knowledge from having done it before, knowing the pitfalls, knowing how to approach the work, in what order, who to speak to for technical advice, and so on!

So many elements come into play when approaching an interior design project….

Interior Designers are able to lead the way for you in not just ‘the colour scheme’ but should also be able to hold your hand from the start and suggest things that you may wish to include, that will have you jumping for joy!

Getting a designer involved in the earliest stages, even if it is just to review the project with you to then return at a later date, can pay dividends. Little/big things like considering adding a ceiling pocket for curtains to disappear into, or allowing for hard wiring for those James Bond style automatic curtain and blind operating systems, to considering the IT and smart features you may want to accommodate – let alone letting someone like me get my hands on your plans!!

Oh I do love a good space planning session, we can sit there together (or on Zoom!) and consider all those ideas about using YOUR space that the architect may not have quite considered…… and considering it in the context of scale, little lines on a piece of paper are all well and good but how big is that actually, is it too big, too small, will that heirloom you love really fit there in pride of place or will it be 5cm too small?

Interior Designers can help you visually consider the layout from many different angles and then build a beautiful room design & scheme

A good designer will:-

  • Be really interested in understanding your brief, and how you want to live in the space
  • Inspire, delight and excite your interior design tastebuds
  • Save you many hours of sourcing and showroom visits
  • Narrow down a sea of choices
  • Obtain best prices and work to your budgets
  • Push your boundaries to consider the unexpected

Life is busy isn’t it, and stressful at times, so let someone who loves what they do in interior design with the experience and knowledge garnered from many years and projects help you to achieve a fantastic result!

Copyright Susan Parsons for Novo Interiors Limited 2021